Al-Rāzī : "Du traitement des petits enfants"


Al-Rāzī - Pédiatrie


Al-Rāzī, On the Treatment of Small Children (De curis puerorum).

The Latin and Hebrew Translations

Edited and translated by Gerrit Bos, University of Cologne and Michael McVaugh University of North Carolina

ISBN13:  9789004292284

Expected Date: May 2015

The short Latin treatise De curis puerorum is the translation of a lost Arabic original attributed (perhaps mistakenly) to the famous al-Rāzī (Rhazes); one of the rare texts on pediatrics circulating in the Middle Ages, it was so popular that it was soon re-translated into Hebrew, not once but three times! Gerrit Bos and Michael McVaugh have edited the Latin and Hebrew texts, accompanying them with an English translation and a full commentary situating the original Arabic against the medical writings available to tenth-century Islam. The contents of the work range remarkably widely, covering skin diseases, eye and ear infections, teething, vomiting and diarrhea, constipation, worms, and bladder stones, among other things, outlining their causes, symptoms, and possible treatments.
Transmis par Abdel HAZIZ